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  • It’s funny to remember that funk-soul band the Internet started out as an Odd Future side-project, because - since their 2011 beginnings - they’ve grown into such a beautiful force. Their last album, GRAMMY-nominated Ego Death, was a sublime exploration of breezy funk licks largely topped off with Syd's heavenly breathy vocals. But the LA group’s latest comes following their core members having pursued (excellent) solo careers for a hot minute, and the result is a fourth album that has stepped-up a notch: fuller, more assured, and more resplendent than ever. Full of lilting, lithe bops and honey-smooth odes to queer love, Hive Mind finds a band in their prime, and having delicious fun while they’re at it.
  • Ty Segall - Joy
    • Reduced
    Joy Ty Segall 20/07/2018
    “Their mind-meld is complete, and all kinds of rock flows from their tap” is quite an odd way for Ty Segall and White Fence to announce their second collaborative album: but then, you wouldn’t expect anything but weird from this pair of low-key, lo-fi psychedelia royalty. Lilting with a sound that brims with Syd Barrett-esque sweetness, Joy is - well, joyful. Tracks like ‘Good Boy’ are all light and rollicking breezy guitars bursting with off-kilter vitality, met with serene vocals drifting by. This follows nicely from their debut, 2012’s Hair, but finds the eccentric duo more strange and ambitious than ever.

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