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  • Jungle - For Ever
    • 16-bit FLAC
    Jungle's highly acclaimed, Mercury-nominated 2014 debut practically feels a lifetime ago in these short-attention-spanned times, but their return is finally here and they’re still very much serving up the breezy, soul-lite vibes. After a move to Hollywood from their West London homes, the band found themselves dealing with the reality of upheaval away from their base, feeling adrift, and the end of several long-term relationships. Thus they returned back home to London to create For Ever, which they have described as a "post-apocalyptic radio station playing break-up songs.” It’s not nearly as bleak as that sounds though, with that same proficiency for summer-laced, funk-infused grooves apparent throughout the whole affair.
  • Paul Weller - True Meanings
    • 16-bit FLAC
    True Meanings marks fourteen solo albums for Paul Weller (and will also be the twenty-sixth studio LP of his career), but the artist is still very much in his element. An immersive, orchestral release he has described as being a “dreamy, peaceful, pastoral set of songs to get lost in”, there’s certainly a folk-tinged, cinematic feel to the whole affair. With features from the likes of Lucy Rose and the Zombies’ Rod Argent, and a “sneaky appearance” from one Noel Gallagher, True Meanings has plenty to appeal to both fans of the veteran and any latecomers.

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