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  • Depeche Mode - Spirit
    • 16-bit FLAC
    • Reduced
    If anything can make us feel better about the raging garbage fire that is global politics right now, it’s perhaps the fact there are many, many people just as appalled as we are. Certainly, Depeche Mode share our sense of unrest, with latest single ‘Where’s The Revolution’ explicitly referencing governments that “manipulate and threaten, with terror as a weapon / Scare you 'til you're stupefied, wear you down until you're on their side.” Spirit doesn’t get a great deal brighter (“We’re going backwards to a caveman mentality” is another sample lyric), but it’s all the more compelling and cohesive for its sense of purpose. Combine this with production from Simian Mobile Disco’s James Ford, and Basildon’s best sound stronger than they have in years.

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