Latest Releases

FLKL - Songs for Your Dogs
Randyx - My Eyes
My Eyes Randyx 2020
Panda Noir - Tonight
Dead Bed Bad - Pretty Bird, Broken Bird
Stiffneck Werewolves - Tacos On the Beach
The No. 44 - Trying to Be Decent
Teethpussy - No Tang Blues
Supercult - Magpie (Explicit)Contains explicit content
Mystery Owl - Bodacious Bellwether
Mumpsy - Mortgaging Our Future for Right Now...
  • 24-bit FLAC
Bryan Howell - Against the Storm
Spinella Project - Break the Chain of Fools
The Donnas - American Teenage Rock 'n' Roll Machine
Eureka Failure - Wendigo
Majesty - Better Alone
Rip Florence - Mumbling Rita
They're Not There - Everything Is Calm Now
The Magnavox's - Melt into You (Explicit)Contains explicit content
Mom's Imaginary Aquabus - Formaldehyde
John Chaney III - Technology Song (Not to Blame)
Liquid TV - Savoy Ballroom
Health Club - Hellth Klubber Lang