British Summer Time 2018

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Taking place in London's infamous Hyde Park the first two weekends of July, there's so much to choose from for all kinds of music lover at this year's instalment of British Summer Time. Whether you're into the gothic legacy of the Cure or the hot neo-funk stylings of Bruno Mars or the sweet folky sounds of Lisa Hannigan, there's plenty to choose from - check out the full line-up here, and browse our selection below:

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    Bruno Mars

    "Tonight / I just want to take you higher / Throw your hands up in the sky / Let's set this party off right" - thus spoke Bruno Mars on monster hit '24K Magic', and it feels a pretty solid indicator of the kind of vibe you can expect from his headline show on July 14th. Solid party tunes from 'Uptown Funk' to drippin' in 'Finesse', there's a reason this show has sold out: it might be a little corny, sure, but it's going to be a whole lot of fun.

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    With their last album asserting Goldfrapp as masters of both atmosphere and melody, this set supporting The Cure on July 7th is sure to be an especially magic, cinematic moment. Over the years the London duo have made the transition from an especially glam type of electronic to something a little more down-tempo, and presuming this set will draw on their entire career you can expect an especially pensive type of party tune.

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    When Slowdive announced they were getting back together in 2014, the world of indie-types rejoiced. Better still, then, has been the past year - 2017 saw them release a new album 23 years since the last. The self-titled record is a real accomplishment, cementing their place completely as true legends of gorgeous, drifting shoegaze. If you want to ruminate and witness something quite special and prolific, get to this set on July 7th.

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